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The SoftFil range of micro-cannulas is ideal for beginners as well as confirmed users. It has been developed after the renowned Soft Filling Technique, a standardized injection method accessible to all physicians. For each area injected, it will match your needs in terms of entry point, area breadth and injection depth. Each type of SoftFil Classic cannula has been tested from a rheological and clinical viewpoint with all fillers available on the market as well as for PRP.
SoftFil micro-cannulas are sterile and single use medical devices, class II.a, to be used by certified medical practionners only.


  • Adapted to every clinical application
    One or more sizes for each area, direction of
    injection and depth
  • Designed for all fillers on the market
    Lengths, outside diameters and internal calibers
    suitable to any filler range
  • Praised for its quality and reliability
    Perfect flexibility and robustness of the stainless
    tube and plastic hub
  • Full clinical safety
    Minimal traumatism on tissues thanks to
    cannula’s blunt tip


20 pieces per 1 pack


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