JBP Nano Cannula 24 pieces


  • Format: 1 pack x 24 pieces
  • Applicable by injection by a certified professional

Used for:

  • Facial contour correction;
  • Volumetric plastic surgery (volumetry);
  • Bio-reinforcement;
  • Wrinkle correction;
  • Creating stiffeners;
  • Sculptural face correction;
  • Rejuvenation with injectable hyaluronic acid.
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A new generation of cannulas is designed to reduce the damage of hypodermal tissues.

Japanese nano-cannulas JBP Nanocannula – a tool for painless administration, minimizing skin injuries in the injection zone and blood loss, allowing doctors to achieve more accurate and patient-friendly results.

A wide internal lumen allows injection with the least resistance.

Nano cannulas are made of stainless steel (SUS34) using micron ultrafine grinding technology, which makes them flexible and durable.


– Less downtime and less internal bleeding
– Less stress without pain

The NanoCannula from JBP is a cutting edge product, based on the latest and greatest medical and cosmetic technologies, specially purposed to significantly decrease the damage to hypodermal tissues.
With these high-grade cannulas, the initial bleeding is greatly reduced and so is the downtime, resulting in a much more pleasant experience for the patient.

The main characteristic and point to the JBP NanoCannula is “less pain”. Injecting using this product is significantly easier and not as painful tot he patient, as a direct result of the thinner inner wall and wider inner diameter, which significantly decrease resistance during the injection process. Additionally, the cannula’s cutting edge is specially micro-polished via innovative technology. Likewise, the punching needes used with the JBP NanoCannula are also almost painless and specially designed to protect the patients’ skin and tissues.


The characters to inject smoothly and decrease pain:

1. Thin-walled cannula with wide inner diameter helps inject with less resistance.

2. The cutting edge of the cannula hole is micro-polished with special technology.

3. Each Punching needle is designed for less pain and damage to skin tissues.


  • Facial contour correction
  • Volumetric plastic surgery (volumetry)
  • Bio-reinforcement
  • Wrinkle correction
  • Creating stiffeners
  • Sculptural face correction
  • Rejuvenation with injectable hyaluronic acid



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